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21 August 2013

डॉलर और रुपये की असली कहानी....

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Real story of American Dollar v/s Indian Rupee 

An Advice to all who are worrying about fall of Indian Rupee

Throughout the country please stop using cars except for emergency for only seven days (Just 7 days)
Definitely Dollar rate will come down. This is true. The value to dollar is given by petrol only.This is called Derivative Trading. America has stopped valuing its Dollar with Gold 70 years ago.

Real story of American Dollar v/s Indian Rupee

Americans understood that Petrol is equally valuable as Gold so they made Agreement with all the Middle East countries to sell petrol in Dollars only. That is why Americans print their Dollar as legal tender for debts. This mean if you don't like their American Dollar and go to their Governor and ask for repayment in form of Gold,as in India they won't give you Gold.

You observe Indian Rupee, " I promise to pay the bearer..." is clearly printed along with the signature of Reserve Bank Governor. This mean, if you don't like Indian Rupee and ask for repayment,Reserve Bank of India will pay you back an equal value of gold.(Actually there may be minor differences in the Transaction dealing rules, but for easy comprehension I am explaining this)

Let us see an example. Indian petroleum minister goes to Middle East country to purchase petrol, the Middle East petrol bunk people will say that liter petrol is one Dollar.
But Indians won't have dollars. They have Indian Rupees. So what to do now? So That Indian Minister will ask America to give Dollars. American Federal Reserve will give us dollars by taking Indian Rupees ( according to exchange rate ) , print Dollars on it and give it to the Indian Minister. Like this we get dollars , pay it to petrol bunks and buy petrol.

But there is a something wrong here. If you change your mind and want to give back the Dollars to America we can't demand them to pay Gold in return for the Dollars. They will say " Have we promised to return something back to you? Haven't you checked the Dollar ? We clearly printed on the Dollar that it is Debt"
So, Americans don't need any Gold with them to print Dollars.

But what will Americans give to the Middle East countries for selling petrol in Dollars only?

Middle East kings pay rent to America for protecting their kings and heirs. Similarly they are still paying back the Debt to America for constructing Roads and Buildings in their countries.

At present the problem of India is the result of buying those American Dollars. So if we reduce the consumption of petrol and cars, Dollar will come down

The Above Details have been provided originally in Telugu Language by Madhava Turumella and were translated to English by Radhika Gr.

स्रोत (साभार) http://www.allindiadaily.com/2013/08/real-story-of-american-dollar-vs-Indian-Rupee.html?m=1
एवं-Raj.Rocker की फेसबुक वॉल

~यशवन्त माथुर